Madera County Economic Development Commission, administrators of the Madera County Energy Watch Program, would like to announce a new free tool that is available to the community to test household appliances for energy efficiency.

The toolkit is known as the Kill-A-Watt kit. It contains an EZ power meter that reads how much energy is consumed by each household appliance. Many users are finding the information helpful and are surprised to find how much energy is being consumed even when appliances are turned off.  

In partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and the Madera County Library, residents can check out the Kill-A-Watt EZ power meters from the Madera County Library located at 121 N G Street, Madera, CA 93637. The Kill-A-Watt kits were made available to the Madera County Public Library, in coordination with local Energy Watch partnerships and through a donation by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Steve Newvine, a PG&E Senior Program Manager for the local Energy Watch Partnerships, said, β€œThe Madera County Public Library is perfectly positioned to communicate to hundreds of residents daily about how they can save money through energy efficiency.” The Kill-A-Watt kits contain instructions in both English and Spanish and may be checked out of the Madera County Library for a week.

For more information on this program please contact Lois Leonard at the Madera County Economic Development Commission, Phone (559) 675-7768 or email

To make arrangements to check out a Kill-A-Watt Kit please contact the Madera County Library, Phone (559) 675-7871 or email Librarian Patrick Fitzgerald at




























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